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Warm Earth 30ml

Warm Earth 30ml

Massage oil that helps to sooth aches and pains within the joints. Relieves pain while reducing inflimation and muscle tension. Apply to the back of your neck the required amount needed to help ease your pain. The spinal nurvous system is the largest in the body and is closer to the brain stem, so the cannabis reaches quicker into the neuroligcal are and slightly opening the penial gland to help the medications onset much quicker. Also may help aide with digestion and menstral cramping;  Parkinson's Tremors and cope with lupis. so you can live a healthy life. Made with Charly Sage, Cajeput, Tumeric and Ginger essential oils. Infused with cannabis. *Custom orders available upon request*
  • Care Instructions

    Shake well before each use. Store in a cool, dark place. Caps are weighted droppers- open bottle, turn upside down, and let gravity do its part.

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