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Why We Use Essential Oils in our Topicals

As Essential Oils can easily penetrate the skin, it has been found that topical application can be a very effective way of enjoying their healing properties. While Essential Oils can be readily absorbed by the skin, a simple way to increase absorption is by blending it with a carrier oil (which we then infuse with cannabis). Blending the Essential Oil with a carrier oil not only promotes absorption, it also dilutes the concentrated Essential Oil so it doesn’t trigger skin sensitivity. Carrier oils also happen to be fantastic moisturizers packed with skin-nourishing properties themselves, so your skin can lap up additional beauty benefits! While some websites recommend the internal consumption of Essential Oils, we don’t recommend this with our products since some of the oils could be toxic or could potentially aggravate health conditions that an individual may have. 

How It all Started

After some talk and brainstorming of the initial idea, we finally started production of our topical business on February 1, 2017. Being legal patients ourselves, we initially struggled with finding a way to ease our aches and pains consistently throughout the day without eventually feeling  not fully functional because of needing to constantly medicate. Our team researched long and hard to find the perfect mixtures of high grade essential oils to pair with our cannabis infused carrier oils to ensure that you get the most out of all our topical products. Our main goal is to help patients find alternative medicine that works just right for them. Our topicals are always made with all natural materials, and are never tested on animals. We only use the highest grade of essential oils available from Botanic Universe. We believe in using only the best materials to make our products.

Why We Use Cannabis in our Topicals

We infuse all of our topical products with high quality cannabis because we strongly believe in its plethora of additional medical benefits made available through the use of topicals. The THC in our products help to combat pain on an analgesic level. Paired with only the highest grade essential oils from Botanic Universe, we have sought to figure out which combinations are most effective in helping out with your specific targeted pain. We know everyone is affected by pain differently, and we also know that people can be affected by Terpenes differently (found in all plants), so if you find that what we have to offer is not as effective as what you were looking for, we will work with you to figure out combinations that will work just right. *Custom orders are always available upon request.* Cannabis is medicine, and it has been our philosophy as licensed patients to utilize it in our products as such. 

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